Independent Cavy Club in Whangarei, New Zealand.

The Northern Rabbit and Cavy Club is for the people who show their Rabbits or Cavies (Guinea Pigs) in either Main Show or Pet Show. We have three shows a year with one including Main Pedigree Shows using the New Zealand Judges Association Show Standards for Cavies. The club was formed in 2011 and was created to fill in an area of New Zealand that is known to have plenty of Cavies and Rabbits.  We welcome visitors with a gold coin donation at door and we hope everyone has a great time at our shows.

Shicks Black Knight
Mamaku Batman - New Zealand Plume - RARE
 Mystical Haven Arwen - Creme Enderby Island - RARE
Lessentine Sprok - Tweed - RARE
Northern Rabbit and Cavy Club


Main and Pets: 23rd March

Pets show: June


1 Year Memberships
FAMILY = $20
JUNIORS  (Under 15 years old) = $10
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