Guinea Pig and Rabbit Shows

The Northern Rabbit and Cavy Club formed in 2011 and is for people of all ages to exhibit their rabbits and guinea pigs (cavy) in pedigree and pet shows in Whangarei.

From 2023 we are an affiliated club to the Rabbit Council of New Zealand.  We are proud and excited to now be connected with this great organisation.

For guinea pigs, we continue to use the standards and cavy judges from the New Zealand Cavy Judges Association which was formed when purebred cavies were first imported into New Zealand by Jack Whitworth in 1976.  NZCJA judges have been officiating at cavy shows ever since.  This is the organisation that supports our New Zealand unique and rare pedigree guinea pig breeds.

Exhibiting rabbits or guinea pigs is a fun and rewarding hobby.  We are a social and family friendly club and are all about having a good time.  Don't miss out on the Fancy Dress Competitions, Pet Shows and Pedigree Shows.

Come see all the Rabbit and Guinea Pig breeds together in one place! Get great advice from experienced breeders and exhibitors.

Gold coin donation is appreciated at entry for spectators.

Rabbit and Guinea Pig Shows in Whangarei
Merino Sheltie Cavy in Whangarei
Rare Rabbit at Whangarei Show
The Northern Rabbit and Cavy Club Prize Table


Venue: St John's Golden Church, Kamo Road, Kensington, Whangarei.


Annual Membership fee: $15 Adults, $20 family, $10 Kids (under 15 years).  Fill in form below.

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Club & Show Secretary: Wendy White

Show Manager: James Williams

Website Editor: Jen Snell

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